On this page you will find all the possible ways to support us.
A fundraiser is currently underway to help young sudanese people
fleeing the civil war and taking refuge in the refugee camp
of Kakuma, Kenya.
There is also the possibility to support us with regular donations
1€ per month through the Teaming platform.
If you wish, you can donate your 5x1000 to the C.F. 96414770584,
buy a STORM t-shirt or simply help us with a single contribution.
The money received through these donations is used to support
the boys and girls in studies and sports education, to supply uniforms and shoes,
to improve the infrastructures and for every possible need related to the school.
Visit the projects page to find out more!


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Support us with 1€ per month!

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1€ per month


Buy a STORM T-Shirt!

By purchasing just one shirt, you can contribute as much to education as to the environment!
Worth Wearing is a non-profit association that produces and ships clothing in a completely eco-friendly way.
Wherever you are, in Europe or in the world, you can now order a STudy to transfORM t-shirt!