Sports Activities as an Educational Tool

Why did we decide to include sport in our goals?

We don't want to rule out any sports, our girls play basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, chess and running, and every year add new activities to the already long list. The only limitation is represented by the scarce availability of equipment and coaches / former players who can lead female students and students in learning the rules and game techniques.
Up to now we have been able to give our support especially in basketball, since Mattia, a former player, coached the school team during the course of the first visit to the Irene School and continued this activity too the following year with the support and donations from San Paolo Ostiense.

Basketball Field "Emanuela Camiolo"

In addition to coaching the girls for three months and assisting the coaches with suggestions and exchanges of experiences, it was possible with the generous contribution of the APD San ​​Paolo Ostiense to provide the school with 8 balls of basketball, 40 tracksuits and 40 pairs of basketball shoes. They also made two fundraisers to finance the construction of a golf course basket, in which they collected 20% of the amount needed to start the project. With the support of the German company Ahner Landschaftsarchitektur, which has experiences in the construction of sports facilities, the project for the basketball court was developped and the most suitable materials were chosen. The main goal is to be able to collect the funds needed to build the basketball court at the Irene School in Maralal, in northern Kenya, and start the works that will last about two months. The field will be dedicated to Emanuela Camiolo, wife of our president Enrico Tocci, who in memory of her decided to join the our association and has an indispensable and fundamentally important role.

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Future Projects

Among the various ideas for the future, there is the possibility of creating a sailing school on the shores of Lake Turkana with the support of Francesca, one of the founders of STORM Project, enchanted by unspoiled nature and the affection of local children and young people.
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