Why was the STORM Project born?

We had returned from our first trip to Kenya with a project, a project of which we were convinced and that
we would have liked to carry on with the support of an existing association and with the necessary experience.
Unfortunately, the bureaucratic difficulties soon forced us to review our ideas and it was ultimately easier to engage
in the creation of a new association than to try to join an already active one. It is precisely for this reason that one
of the founding principles of STORM is to try to offer all people who want to propose or implement projects, in any field as
long as they comply with the rules of our statute, the opportunity to do so. Join us with a new project, with an idea
for our projects or simply with a great desire!


Come with us to Kenya!
If you are interested in an experience abroad that can expand your cultural background, contact us!
As soon as possible, we will return to give our support on site!
Write to us, so that we can get to know each other and organize the experience in all the details!
We are waiting for you!

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Raise Awareness

Each of us has different abilities. Finding together is the best way to use them and that makes us strong.
You can help us in fundraising events, or tell your friends about us and the projects we are trying to carry out, or promote our pages on social networks, or become a member of our association!
The possibilities, as well as the things to do, are many, and that is why we can only make them a reality by working together.

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You can contribute with a donation of any amount on this site -regularly or single- buy a STORM t-shirt of the color you prefer.
Any contribution, even a small one, is worth a lot.

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