A Shared Dream

When in Maralal, Kenya, every evening Irene Girls School's director Fr. Musau lit his pipe and began to talk, we stood still, while hearing about the girls, their past, their dreams and their precarious situation. He spoke about his dreams, about creating chances and overcoming difficulties. We heard rapt in ecstasy, speechless, fascinated by his sacrifices and upset by our naivety. When he asked us about our thoughts, we often had no answers.

As the days went by, we were able to better understand the dreams and hopes just by looking at the students' eyes in the classroom. We were able to see a better future.
So one of these evenings came our turn: We told them about our dream, about our hopes for them, even though we had no idea how to realize any plan.

Two months later we came back to Italy and resumed our everyday life, but still remembering the smiles and the determination of the students. We had to try to do something for them.

This is why this association was born, also thanks to the effort of our friends and families. And anytime something goes wrong in our life, we remind ourselves of their smiles, and we smile too.

The Story Of Rael (IT)

What do we do?


"Emanuela Camiolo" Basketball Court

We help the girls of Irene School-Maralal to practice the sport they love on a real basketball court.

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With only € 50 a month we allow a deserving girl to continue her studies.

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School Supplies

The growth of the school and the increasing number of students demands buying textbooks and computers.

About Us

We are students, teachers, coaches, parents, bond by the shared belief that education is essential to reach full self-awareness.
After a two months trip to Maralal, Kenya, in summer 2018, when Mattia, Francesca and Flavio volunteered as teachers and coaches for the Irene Girls School, the idea of founding the association was born.

"We were strongly impressed by motivation and joy shown by the girls and the teachers we met, and also by their strength depsite their difficulties.
We listened to their dreams, their ideas, their past.
We shared opinions, stories, experiences.
We decided we had to do something."

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